Things that…

Things that make me sad:

People completely misusing apostrophies. It most certainly is not “there are lots of cat’s”, just as much as it isn’t “and then ‘were’ going to the shops.” Fucking cretins. If you’re going to use punctuation at all, at least use it properly.

The artist removing my old profile song from their MySpace thingy so I can’t have it as my song any longer.

Terry Pratchett getting a form of early onset Alzheimer’s. Such a waste of genius.

The man with the “My girlfriend or rugby?” top on at the gym today.

Having to take the company that sold me my double-faulty PC to court ’cause they’re being petty and not giving me a refund.

Age of Conan taking 32 gigs of hard drive space. That’s unnecessary.

Things that I hate:

People who name WoW characters after Final Fantasy characters. Especially when the WoW character isn’t even a remotely relevant class to the character name they chose.

Clubs. Bars. The people therein.

Jasmine, apparently.

Lily Allen.

Things that make me happy:

The acoustic version of Juno by Funeral for a Friend.

Lily Allen wearing a dress that had nothing but pictures of Bambi having her throat slit on it.

Things that I like:

Strawberry Refresher bars. They bring back memories.

The Big Bang Theory (the TV show, not the… you know… theory).


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