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It’s been a while. Sorry about that guys and dolls. I’ve been doing other people things.

In the time since I’ve last written (I’ll just have to check when that was… 1st of March, right) I’ve done many and varied wonderful things. There was a 3600 mile road trip, all of which I drove. There was magic (literally), music, boats, gambling, working, sweating, bleeding, spending, saving, misery and happiness. There have been many photos, incidentally, which should be viewed on my photobucket page.

I’m rambling now. Point is, it’s been a while and things have changed and I am now at a somewhat confusing and crossroady time again. Well, not quite yet, but certainly soon.

Travelling around the states for three weeks was wonderful. Coming back to work and my fairly boring life here was not. That’s not to say that I don’t like or enjoy my life, ’cause I actually really do. But comparatively speaking, it’s dull. Added to that, the fact that I had to come back to the daily grind of work, especially in a branch with people I do not, in any way, get on with, it was quite a shock just how… draining it instantly was.

I don’t think I can do it anymore. The daily nine to five doesn’t work right now. I do realise, before it’s pointed out, that I sound really rather childish and immature moaning about having to go to work and such, but, fuck it. Where was it written that people had to live their lives like that?

I mentioned a crossroads. I am, on the most basic level, trying to decide whether I should be an adult, get my own place, stay in my (fairly) secure and reliably well-paying job and, you know, start life proper. Or. Deciding whether I should, early next year, take an ‘extended career break’ from work, which is tantamount to quitting, and get a travelling working visa for Australia and go hang out there for a year, touring the country and stopping to work whenever necessary. Then maybe heading back through the east and then overland through Europe back home.

Ooh, my game’s done installing. I’ll come back later.


Slow dancing in a burning room…

Posted: 16th January, 2009 in Uncategorized

So new travel plans for my trip in a few months have been made. I thought I’d keep you all up to date, and document it for myself so I don’t forget…

Going to be flying into and out of Los Angeles. I will then be driving up the Pacific coast all the way to Vancouver, making quite a few detours and stops along the way. We will likely be staying in Vancouver for a few days ’cause it’s lovely there. After that we’ll be heading south east through Montana to Wyoming, Yellowstone park, then zig-zagging down through various states all the way back to LA, again with lots of side-trips and destinations along the way. Should take about two and a half weeks.


Many apologies for the lack of blog over the last few weeks. I’m sure you’ve all coped really. I’ve been on holiday, as well as having many and varied computer troubles, which is quite uninspiring as to making one want to sit down behind said PC and write stuff. I am, quite obviously, back from my holiday now. I have changed the blog theme to be in-keeping with the seasonal weather outside. I thought it was nicely congruent. I’ll try and get back into it a little more regularly now.

Had an awesome time on holiday with Kelly, so my thanks go out to her. I took loads of weird and varied photos, and I’ll be sure to link and show them once they’re processed and uploaded to my Photobucket. This may take quite some time given the crash-at-any-moment-without-warning nature of my PC currently, and my propensity not to save work every minute when working on photos…

I’m also in the planning and saving stage for my next trip around the States. Itinerary hasn’t been finalised yet, so no details to follow. However, it does mean I’m *incredibly* short on money this month ’cause I hadn’t planned to start saving yet. Next month will be fine, I just won’t spend over a hundred pounds on CDs and DVDs, and buy a new keyboard for half that again… I’m on track for a fairly substantial bonus at work this quarter though, depending on how the next five weeks go, so that would help an awful lot.

And now I’m going to go and get dressed.

ADDITIONAL: Gahahahaha, I just spell-checked this post as standard, and it transpires that the spell checker on WordPress doesn’t recognise the word ‘blog’. That is amazing.