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I actually had a customer say to me today, with no hint of sarcasm or irony “well then I guess my kids will just have to starve, and over Christmas, too.” Not only that, she said it as if expecting it to have an effect, and me to suddenly clutch my heart as if her words stung, and instantly change bank policy and give her free money.

Firstly, swing and a miss with your target audience for that little attempt at emotional blackmail. I couldn’t give a damn if you and your family starve, Christmas or not, so trying to appeal to my nature as a kind-hearted human being was not the brightest of plans. Secondly, me using the phrases “automated process” and “no human discretion” should have given you a clue that I couldn’t do anything about your fucking problem, even if I did want to. Which I didn’t.

It’s time people took responsibility for themselves and their actions. Ignorance is not an excuse. Accident is not an excuse. “I think it’s unfair” is definitely not an excuse. If you’re old enough to have a bank account and a job, you’re old enough to keep track of your own money and make sure you don’t spend more than you have. It isn’t a complex concept whatsoever. Money in must be equal to or greater than money out, otherwise, you will incur penalties. Yes, us banks are the evils ones, because we won’t let you get away with spending money you don’t have, that isn’t yours, and we won’t tolerate your stupidity.

Happy Christmas. Eat your children and do the gene pool a favour.


The Disgruntled Banker – Part One

I work for a bank. I know, they let me work with people, it’s madness. Not only that, but they leave me in charge of their money. The purest definition of foolishness I’ve ever known. Anyway.

So I had a lady (barely) almost in tears in my office today. Now let me assure you, the cause was nothing to do with me offending her or having been rude etc. She asked me if I could extend her overdraft because she had no money to buy food for herself or her two children and wouldn’t be able to eat for a week. And I told her there was no way we could do such a thing because she was only on benefits as she was a jobless mother of two children, barely in her twenties, and had managed to get herself into lots of debt elsewhere already. I didn’t quite phrase it like that, but I explained the situation.

And the reason I sat there with not an ounce of sympathy, apart from my general apathy towards humanity, was that she’d spent the ten minutes previously explaining to me that she gets over a thousand pounds a month of benefits, has no rent or mortgage to pay, and when asked how on earth she spends all her money every month and still needs an overdraft, she answered “Yeah, like, umm, I get my nails done and stuff, and buy the kids new clothes all the time and stuff, and…”.

Dear fucking god, someone needs to put a lifeguard on the gene pool of life and not let people like this breed. She seemed to think it was funny at first, while she was telling me how she literally wastes all of her money on material crap that they don’t need, then comes to the bank asking for money because she can’t afford to feed herself and her children for a week. Then when she was told it wouldn’t be possible she started getting all upset and angry, as if it were my fault. I apologised, explained the situation again, and suggested that perhaps in future it would be a good idea to prioritise nourishment for herself and her children over sparkly nails.