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So I have several things to write about today, though I can’t guarantee that any of them will actually be interesting.

The share price went up 11 pence today, which is the largest rise in a few weeks since the peak of the turmoil, so things might be on the up and there’s just a small chance I won’t actually lose money after all, which is nice.

It seems the gods of Spite and Irony have been conspiring against me of late (not that they exist of course, but you know). Since writing my previous post about my dislike for charity collectors (not, I’d like it known, charity in general), I have been put in charge of all the charity events coordinating and collecting at work in November for Children In Need. I was less than impressed. Firstly, I’m no good at organising things like that, but more importantly I have no idea what kind of things we can do to raise monies. Thankfully, I’ll be in an entirely different country at the time, so I may yet be able to get out of it.

You know, every time I navigate to the WordPress site, all the Hawt Posts, Top VIP Posts, and Hot Community Posts are always about Obama, McCain, Palin, and the up-coming US election. Now granted, this is quite an interesting time, politically, but still. I can’t help wondering what all you people are going to write about once someone’s been elected and it’s all over and done with. Yes yes, I know there’ll still be plenty of issues for you to cover, re-cover, cover a third time, wax lyrical on unnecessarily, and talk about ad nauseum, but some of you are going to run out of fuel after the choice is made. I’m looking forward to it. Not only do an awful lot of the political blogs genuinely upset me because of the sheer and unashamed ignorance and arrogance of some of the people writing them, but also because frankly, I want something different on the WordPress front page to catch my eye.

While I generally dislike Facebook, especially because it’s not working properly at the moment whatsoever on my laptop, it does have some uses. I recently got ‘added’ by a girl I used to go to school with and haven’t seen or spoken to for nearly 15 years. It brought up some old and chucklesome memories – we used to hang out together climbing trees (pun unintended but left in for effect) and such like. She was my first girlfriend, in as much as you can have a girlfriend when you’re 11 years old. Anyway, yes, the joys of the internet.

I have had quite a few compliments on my reply to the journalist who wrote that fucking atrocious article that I posted in this entry (though not one comment on it, people – disappointed). I also know from past experience that I’m very good at writing that kind of thing, scathing and generally sarcastic and caustic replies to other people’s stupidity or ignorance. However, I’m straining my mind to think of what possible genre of writing I can turn that into, other than perhaps being a critic, which doesn’t really interest me. I do enjoy writing and having a good rant at someone for being foolish, though, so it’s something I’d like to do more of. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can put that slightly unique brand of writing to good use? Regardless, until someone comes up with a decent idea or two, I’m going to start a campaign to get that ‘journalist’ fired, removed, resigned, or generally incredibly discredited for his utter and complete failure to produce anything worthy of reading. Should be fun.

I’m sure I had some other things to say, too, but I can’t remember them now. Alas.

Oh. I found out today that one of my best friends has cancer. He’s 22. I’m not sure I’m entirely thrilled about that.


I found the spices in the end. They were where any normal person would expect spices to be left. Tch.

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So I have a few minutes to kill while I queueueueue for a place on the server to get in an hour of Warhammer, so I thought I’d waste ’em writing something. That said, aside from inane babble, I have nothing remotely engaging to add to the general milieu of life, so it may end up slightly pointless.

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So, a friend of mine has just finalised a deal to move into a flat (apartment, Americans), in the Gloucester docks, which used to be working docks for several connecting canals, but are now a rather up-market retail and accommodation centre. Pictures (small though, sorry) can be found here, here and here. From the sounds of the flat he’s got, and the building it’s in, I’m very jealous. Almost to the point where I’m considering moving into one of those flats myself. I could afford it, quite comfortably I think, but there are a few down-sides to living on my own. For a start, I’d starve to death within a few weeks since the sum total of my cooking expertise starts and ends with frozen pizza, soup, and beans/cheese on toast. Seriously, I’d die. Secondly, despite the negative stigmata associated with it, I actually quite like living at home with my parents. Fuck you all. I enjoy the company and being able to come home and actually, like, talk to someone without having to use a keyboard, (strange, I know). Thirdly, I really really like playing loud music, and in flats that tends not to forge the best of friendships with the other people in the building.

I shall continue to consider, but I doubt I’ll do anything ’til early next year. That said, I’m going to see his flat on Wednesday so I might love it and randomly get one of my own.

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It has been a strange week in the world of banking. The first two days of the week were manically busy with queues of people out of the bank trying to thrust cheques for £50k at us to put into new accounts for them. All of the account managers didn’t stop all day, constantly with customers. Thursday and Friday were eerily quiet. Almost the exact opposite of the beginning of the week. On Thursday the banking hall was dead until after lunch, and none of the AMs saw one customer until about half past one in the afternoon. Friday was slightly improved, but not by an awful lot. I think only one of us met our weekly target of sales points, which is shocking to say the least.

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That all said, today I bought 500 shares in the bank I work for. The share price has dropped through the floor this last week (mainly due to the media, as mentioned in a previous post) and loads of the staff have bought up shares. I had a few hundred pounds spare so I decided to get some too. Even if they only go up 20 pence per share in a month or so, I’ve made a sizable amount of profit. If they just keep going down, well, fuck it, it’s only money. I’ll earn some more.

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Ah, queue’s done. See you later. Tomorrow, I buy frames!