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The Russell Brand stand-up show actually wasn’t too bad, and you need to realise how painful that is to say. I still hate the bastard and his epically failing hair.

I’m going to see Counting Crows and Ben Folds at the Birmingham NEC in December, wooooo. I do love Counting Crows, but I’m hoping they play some, if not a lot of their old stuff ’cause I much prefer it to their newer albums. I suppose I should look up the set list or some such.

I’m going to add some things to my ID list, which I’ll static item another time. Unfortunately they’re mostly food-based, which doesn’t reflect well on me.

I have a happy habit of putting Tabasco sauce on nearly everything I eat, and firmly believe it improves the flavour.

I also believe that melted cheese on top of almost any meal is a wonderful addition.

I have been playing Warhammer Online (WAR) for the last few days. I’ve not played an MMO for quite some time with any frequency since I got bored with WoW and gave up playing it (and managed to sell my account for £100, woot). But I heard from a few guys and people at work that WAR was rather good, so I purchased it and am very happy to say it was well worth while. The differences between WAR and WoW are numerous, but all definitely in favour of WAR, making it generally a more fun game to play and certainly one that’s easier to get into than WoW was years ago. It seems more varied, and the developers have done a very good job of integrating the PvP and PvE parts of the game to make a wonderfully coalesced whole. So if I’m not around online very often for a while, it’s ’cause I’m playing WAR and I have MSN etc turned off. You’ll cope.

Heh, I notice I received a comment from a random reader whom I don’t know. How exciting. Now I feel pressure to make this blog even more exciting to keep people coming back. Aghast. Well thank you, random stranger (unless you’re someone I know choosing a really strange name to comment under), I shall do my best.

Still haven’t had any more people respond to my previous post about what makes us all unique, nor in fact, any suggestions for interesting and entertaining forums I could frequent. The internet, by its very nature, is an interactive medium, people. Get with the interacting and involve yourselves. Frankly let’s be honest, if you don’t, you’re just going to be sitting there either watching porn (if you’re male), reading porn (if you’re female), or trying to finish something proper so you can do one of the aforementioned two things. Take some time out to join in. It’ll be fun.

It’s getting cold outside. The nights are drawing in and it’s getting dark much earlier. Leaves are falling from trees. This makes me unreasonably happy. I’m sure, in a month’s time, I’ll be moaning about the chill and the rain etc, but right now I’m very much enjoying the onset of winter.

Oh, by the way, I saw Death Race a few nights ago. Wasn’t worth the effort, despite staring Jason Statham, so I don’t recommend you bother going to see it. Wasn’t even really good in a switch-your-mind-off-and-enjoy-watching-people-get-killed way. Absolutely no storyline to speak of, the acting wasn’t, and the action was mediocre at best.

I need to go make bagels for work tomorrow.


They were just really cold, don’t worry.

I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of responses to my previous post, people. I know more than two of you venture here to read this, so why haven’t you joined in? Even you random strangers who happen across my blog are more than welcome to comment and play along with any of the audience participation posts. A few of you even have blogs of your own – please feel free to link any interesting posts I may make yourselves to get even more people to play.

Anne Heche is one of the most classically beautiful women in the world.

You know how you can rely on certain things to have an expected effect, no matter what the situation? I’ll clarify, ’cause that was a tad vague. There are certain albums that, without fail and no matter my previous mood, will inevitably cheer me up and put me in a good mood when I listen to them. I’ve only identified a few out of my rather large CD collection so far, but it’s good to know they’re there if I’m being a moody little shit sometime. I’m going to list them and encourage to all to share, too, if you have anything similar so that we can all grow happy together. I sound like a hippy.

  • Semisonic – Feeling Strangely Fine
  • Del Amitri – Hat Full of Rain (Greatest Hits)
  • Bryan Adams – Waking Up the Neighbours

There may well be a few more than that, but none I can think of right now. Possibly So Long, Astoria by The Ataris, but only during the summer.

The relationship between Ally McBeal and Larry Paul in season four of Ally McBeal is, I think, the most realistically portrayed relationship I have seen on screen. I would urge you to rent or buy said season of said show to see what I mean. I could be well off-track, but I don’t believe so. I think in part it’s due to the acting of Robert Downey Jr., and in part to the writing of the show (which is pretty much a given, but anyway). Watching that season of the show always makes me slightly wistful (in the definition #2 way more so than #1).

I tend to get quite bored online after any great length of time (read: more than five minutes unless someone interesting is around to talk to). I need something new and thrilling to entertain me (aside from WAR, which I just bought), so I’m looking for a few new forums to haunt. Does anyone have any suggestions of decent forums that might actually contain interesting people to interact with, or decent posts to join in on? NB, I am already aware of the xkcd forums, the forums of Zero Punctuation, and the CAD forums, so no need to mention them. But other than that, ideas are welcomed. You all know me, don’t suggest something dumbass or I’ll slap you upside the head.

I hate Russell Brand. Really, I do, and everything he stands for. However, he has been mildly amusing in a film or two I’ve seen him in, and he has a stand-up show starting in five minutes on TV, so I’m going to go watch it and judge.

Apologies for the random nature of this post. My mind’s generally skipping from place to place.