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One fine wire…

Posted: 3rd November, 2008 in Uncategorized
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So I was in the car with mother yesterday, and we were having a rather amusing conversation about people and life in general (all caused by a driver in the car in front holding us up so we missed a green light). There was much shouting and swearery.

But anyway. It brought back to my mind one of my many plans if/when I get put in charge of a country. Indeed, how clichéd that I have world domination plans; but then, if I was put in charge, the world would be a better place. It’s a fairly logical plan too, in all fairness. It is utilised in several other forms in general day to day living, so there’s no reason why it couldn’t be widened and incorporated.

The basis is thusly: to be allowed to drive on the roads, you have to pass a theory test, and a practical test to make sure you’re equipped to do so without endangering or causing harm to others. Same with flying and being a pilot, driving a boat and etc for any other vehicles. To get any kind of decent job you have to take exams and tests to prove your ability to handle the job or indeed, just to cope with it. You have to have training to operate most remotely complicated machinery and tools. Now, why doesn’t the same logic apply to being allowed out of your own damn house?

It is clear from observing people of all kinds in general day to day goings-on that a large number of them simply don’t have the ability to deal with life outside their own house without causing all manner of trouble and inconvenience to other people. This shouldn’t be allowed. People should be made to take tests, both theory and practical, as well as general initiative, before they’re allowed to leave their houses and interact with other people. This life licence should have to be renewed on a yearly or few yearly basis too, just to count for any bad habits picked up.

Mother’s counter-argument to my plan was that the people who didn’t pass the test and weren’t allowed out of their houses wouldn’t be able to work, earn money to eat or live, or breed. Exactly. Exactly my point. It’s like survival of the fittest for the modern day. It’d strengthen the gene pool if these people weren’t allowed to spread their deficient seed and pollute us sensible people.

Now, some more doodles. I quite like these ones.


Room for me in your one man show…

Posted: 16th October, 2008 in Uncategorized

After all that writing of my previous post, more doodles! One was drawn while listening to an incredibly boring and tedious audio meeting yesterday, and the other was done this morning in a sales meeting. I’m sure I should pay more attention…

Feel so hazy…

Posted: 14th October, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I got the frames, but one didn’t have glass in it, so now I need to buy a custom size piece of glass. Are there even shops for that..?

Christ, my blog stat chart thing looks an awful lot like the economy at the moment. That just can’t be good. On that note, the share price has gone down and my shares have, so far, lost money. Money to the tune of £113. Meh, never mind, eh. Still a chance they’ll go back up before I need to sell them.

So I came home today and wandered into the front room for, literally, three minutes while the news was on. The two headlines I hear while I’m in there are as follows, as close to perfect as I can remember them:

Disabled man found dead inside a suitcase in a field. A disabled man who went missing earlier this year two days before his mother was found hung in her home was found dead inside a suitcase covered over in a field today.”

Owner of fast food restaurant fined £4000 today after he was found to be preparing food in the same room as a human corpse. Investigators also found a dead rat and open drains, as well as moldy food in the same room as the corpse.”

I shit you not. Where do I live? It sounds like something out of some grim alternate reality story… or South Central LA.

I doodle a lot while I’m at work. Whether it’s ’cause I’m sitting in a meeting with a pen in my hand and not hugely interested in what’s being discussed, or because I’m on the phone waiting for someone to pick up, or simply because a customer’s boring me, I’m usually scribbling, sketching, doodling, and other generic pen-on-paper terms. Apparently one can learn a lot about a person from the type of doodles they do, so I’ve decided to start posting mine here, if only to give the blog slightly more substance than walls of text. Anyone’s free to try and analyze them all they like. I’d be mildly curious about the results.

Right, need to go and protect an artifact.