So I was told I am a hypocrite this weekend. Which is, in essence, entirely true.

I was chatting to an old friend on Sunday night, and apparently working for a bank is the very last thing she would have ever imagined me doing. I’m so very anti-establishment, always ranting about them, and now I work for one.

She has a point. However, I’m also fickle, and said establishment in question pays me very well indeed. Got me a £2000 bonus at the end of this quarter, which makes working all my damn days off for the last two months, as well as a week of holiday worth it.


So, variously, these things happened to me this evening:

  • A complete stranger told me to stop playing with her balls.
  • I got given a Santa hat and wore it the rest of the evening.
  • A girl jumped out in front of my car causing me to swerve into the middle of the road.
  • I was granted a free third game of bowling because the booking lady felt like it.
  • I broke my friend’s Xbox, simply by being in the same room as it.
  • I met someone called Tony who persisted in shaking my hand for about three minutes solid.
  • I narrowly dodged a guy doing a DDT on another guy through a pub table, then watched the ensuing brawl until the Police were called.
  • I nearly decapitated someone with an air hockey puck.

I… think that’s all. Quite an eventful evening though.

Ahh, the irony. I was sat watching Question Time (for the unaware, it’s a political program where journalists, politicians and general ‘experts’ get asked questions by the public on currently pertinent issues) and they were conversing, naturally, on the economic climate and the credit crunch. One of the panel was talking about how every household in the UK has had to tighten its purse strings (which is silly, no one uses purses with strings these days), and she was saying that the government should do the same. She said this sitting upon an Aeron desk chair, I noticed, as were the rest of the panel. I almost wanted to write in about the irony of sitting on a chair worth a thousand pounds and talking about tightening up on budgets. I’m sure a chair from Ikea for £50 would have done for the half an hour they were perched.

I don’t have much else to say. Do we like the Christmassy theme? Jolly good(!)

Ho. Ho. Ho.

Riddle me this, dear readers – why, oh why, is white chocolate Toblerone only available at Christmas time? It’s such a waste of the rest of the year when they could be selling it all to meeeeeeeeeeee. Fair enough, snow is, like… white. But that doesn’t mean you can only sell it at Christmas! It tastes so much better than the regular Toblerone.

Chocolate-related rant over.

I’ve finished a picture from my American trip. Check it out HERE. Please, do, let me know what you think. I’m quite pleased with it. I think I’ll get it printed for my office wall at work.

Light a match…

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This is cool.

(click the link)

I actually had a customer say to me today, with no hint of sarcasm or irony “well then I guess my kids will just have to starve, and over Christmas, too.” Not only that, she said it as if expecting it to have an effect, and me to suddenly clutch my heart as if her words stung, and instantly change bank policy and give her free money.

Firstly, swing and a miss with your target audience for that little attempt at emotional blackmail. I couldn’t give a damn if you and your family starve, Christmas or not, so trying to appeal to my nature as a kind-hearted human being was not the brightest of plans. Secondly, me using the phrases “automated process” and “no human discretion” should have given you a clue that I couldn’t do anything about your fucking problem, even if I did want to. Which I didn’t.

It’s time people took responsibility for themselves and their actions. Ignorance is not an excuse. Accident is not an excuse. “I think it’s unfair” is definitely not an excuse. If you’re old enough to have a bank account and a job, you’re old enough to keep track of your own money and make sure you don’t spend more than you have. It isn’t a complex concept whatsoever. Money in must be equal to or greater than money out, otherwise, you will incur penalties. Yes, us banks are the evils ones, because we won’t let you get away with spending money you don’t have, that isn’t yours, and we won’t tolerate your stupidity.

Happy Christmas. Eat your children and do the gene pool a favour.

Many apologies for the lack of blog over the last few weeks. I’m sure you’ve all coped really. I’ve been on holiday, as well as having many and varied computer troubles, which is quite uninspiring as to making one want to sit down behind said PC and write stuff. I am, quite obviously, back from my holiday now. I have changed the blog theme to be in-keeping with the seasonal weather outside. I thought it was nicely congruent. I’ll try and get back into it a little more regularly now.

Had an awesome time on holiday with Kelly, so my thanks go out to her. I took loads of weird and varied photos, and I’ll be sure to link and show them once they’re processed and uploaded to my Photobucket. This may take quite some time given the crash-at-any-moment-without-warning nature of my PC currently, and my propensity not to save work every minute when working on photos…

I’m also in the planning and saving stage for my next trip around the States. Itinerary hasn’t been finalised yet, so no details to follow. However, it does mean I’m *incredibly* short on money this month ’cause I hadn’t planned to start saving yet. Next month will be fine, I just won’t spend over a hundred pounds on CDs and DVDs, and buy a new keyboard for half that again… I’m on track for a fairly substantial bonus at work this quarter though, depending on how the next five weeks go, so that would help an awful lot.

And now I’m going to go and get dressed.

ADDITIONAL: Gahahahaha, I just spell-checked this post as standard, and it transpires that the spell checker on WordPress doesn’t recognise the word ‘blog’. That is amazing.