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New look. New start (we’ll see). New Rant.

Only the elderly have reverence for the aged. You do not automatically deserve respect because you’ve been alive longer – you’ll have to earn it like everyone else. Now get out of my way, jump up your own ass and die.


I need to write more stuff here. I’m getting stagnant. And if I wanna go traveling and write about all my escapades, I’m gonna need the practice.

Erm, on that note, the end. For now.

It’s been a while. Sorry about that guys and dolls. I’ve been doing other people things.

In the time since I’ve last written (I’ll just have to check when that was… 1st of March, right) I’ve done many and varied wonderful things. There was a 3600 mile road trip, all of which I drove. There was magic (literally), music, boats, gambling, working, sweating, bleeding, spending, saving, misery and happiness. There have been many photos, incidentally, which should be viewed on my photobucket page.

I’m rambling now. Point is, it’s been a while and things have changed and I am now at a somewhat confusing and crossroady time again. Well, not quite yet, but certainly soon.

Travelling around the states for three weeks was wonderful. Coming back to work and my fairly boring life here was not. That’s not to say that I don’t like or enjoy my life, ’cause I actually really do. But comparatively speaking, it’s dull. Added to that, the fact that I had to come back to the daily grind of work, especially in a branch with people I do not, in any way, get on with, it was quite a shock just how… draining it instantly was.

I don’t think I can do it anymore. The daily nine to five doesn’t work right now. I do realise, before it’s pointed out, that I sound really rather childish and immature moaning about having to go to work and such, but, fuck it. Where was it written that people had to live their lives like that?

I mentioned a crossroads. I am, on the most basic level, trying to decide whether I should be an adult, get my own place, stay in my (fairly) secure and reliably well-paying job and, you know, start life proper. Or. Deciding whether I should, early next year, take an ‘extended career break’ from work, which is tantamount to quitting, and get a travelling working visa for Australia and go hang out there for a year, touring the country and stopping to work whenever necessary. Then maybe heading back through the east and then overland through Europe back home.

Ooh, my game’s done installing. I’ll come back later.

So, do you ever think about what would happen if you died? And I really don’t mean that in the whole ‘heaven, hell, purgatory, nothingness, 40 virgins’ way. But, well, to put it most simply, how would people know?

Quite aside from the lack of motor functions and probably escalating bad odour, the slightly pale pallor and general oozing, how would people know? This quite obviously doesn’t refer to immediate family and friends, or work colleagues, as one’d expect them to notice. Even friends I socialise with on a semi-regular basis would be able to find out through connecting friends, family or work, possibly obituaries etc.

No, you see, the problem comes from the fact that about 50% of my friends, if not more, I only ever interact with online and are entirely internationally based. If I were to drop dead tomorrow they’d have no idea, and no viable way to find out, save for my complete lack of presence. My family have no way to access my PC, any of my email accounts of websites as no one knows my passwords to anything. This thought bothers me. There are a few select friends that, as morbid and hurtful as it’d be, I’d like to have informed if I were to die. That is much better than them thinking I’d just disappeared off the face of the planet all of a sudden.

I have since googled it and found out that there are websites that provide a simple service whereby they email people upon your death to inform them etc. Shame. I thought I’d stumbled onto a niche market there.

Two pieces of drama…

Posted: 28th January, 2009 in Uncategorized

This is utterly incredible.

Processing sound using Photoshop and a little bit more. Two different links. Go lookit. Speakers required.

Also. It is my birthday. I still feel like a child. I also feel like I am getting old. It is a confusing mix of emotions that I can’t rationalise.

Slow dancing in a burning room…

Posted: 16th January, 2009 in Uncategorized

So new travel plans for my trip in a few months have been made. I thought I’d keep you all up to date, and document it for myself so I don’t forget…

Going to be flying into and out of Los Angeles. I will then be driving up the Pacific coast all the way to Vancouver, making quite a few detours and stops along the way. We will likely be staying in Vancouver for a few days ’cause it’s lovely there. After that we’ll be heading south east through Montana to Wyoming, Yellowstone park, then zig-zagging down through various states all the way back to LA, again with lots of side-trips and destinations along the way. Should take about two and a half weeks.


Sweet frustration…

Posted: 27th December, 2008 in Uncategorized
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So, how was everyone’s Christmas? Good? Good. Mine was wonderful thanks. Made a nice change to have more than one day off of work at a time. I also discovered the beauties of uTorrent over those two days and thus my music collection has been expanding exponentially ever since. Woot.

I randomly came across a few articles on what I think is a guy’s blog. I started reading them thinking they were slightly parodical but as I got further into them it turns out that they’re actually both frighteningly accurate as they apply to me. Now, I’d rather call myself a geek than a nerd, but it’s quite a fine line these days, so I’ll let it slide. Check them both out. And please actually do read them rather than just clicking on the link and scanning.

The Nerd Handbook
A Nerd in a Cave

So what did we think? Comments welcome, as usual.

Now, on the comment front, I need some help. As previously mentioned, I’ve recently started using uTorrent, and I’m already running out of ideas for music I can download. Anyone have any suggestions of bands or artists I can sample? If you’re reading this there’s a fair chance you already know what kind of music I like, so I’ll leave the recommendations in your hands.

Nothing else to write about now. See you soon.