Not really an explanation as such, as there’s not much to explain. This blog is a continuation of a blog I had on MySpace which I got fed up with using, and as such am now writing independently. I have no pretensions as to its purpose – it is simply for my own mild entertainment, and to keep my fingers busy. If I happen to entertain anyone else along the way, then hurrah for me. That said, give it a chance – occasionally it might cross from generic to genius, you’ll just never be able to tell when.

؟ – The symbol used in the title of the blog is what’s known as an Irony Mark. It’s a lesser known piece of punctuation that I am endeavoring to bring to the fore. Its use is pretty self-explanatory. Stick it at the end of a sentence or statement to denote irony, much like you’d use an exclamation mark to denote excitement or, aha, an exclamation. It is perhaps also akin to the symbol used for sarcasm, which is (!). I’m not going to explain why I’m using this symbol – if this isn’t abundantly obvious, leave now and do not return.

My post titles, I suppose, deserve at least a moment’s comment. I used to use titles for posts that actually referred to the content of the blog but I got bored of that, and most of the time I didn’t actually have any subject matter to reference in a title anyway. Then one day I stumbled upon a random blog that had used song lyrics as the title for the particular post I read. Now it happens that those lyrics at that time did actually have something to do with what the post was about, but I really liked the idea, so I stole it. Also, about 99% of the time I’ll be writing entries here, I’ll either have music or the TV on in the background, so there’s a never-ending supply of lines to use.

This may get updated from time to time, but for now it’s done.


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