I’m moving to the sound of people drowning out their lives…

Posted: 8th June, 2009 in Uncategorized
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It’s been a while. Sorry about that guys and dolls. I’ve been doing other people things.

In the time since I’ve last written (I’ll just have to check when that was… 1st of March, right) I’ve done many and varied wonderful things. There was a 3600 mile road trip, all of which I drove. There was magic (literally), music, boats, gambling, working, sweating, bleeding, spending, saving, misery and happiness. There have been many photos, incidentally, which should be viewed on my photobucket page.

I’m rambling now. Point is, it’s been a while and things have changed and I am now at a somewhat confusing and crossroady time again. Well, not quite yet, but certainly soon.

Travelling around the states for three weeks was wonderful. Coming back to work and my fairly boring life here was not. That’s not to say that I don’t like or enjoy my life, ’cause I actually really do. But comparatively speaking, it’s dull. Added to that, the fact that I had to come back to the daily grind of work, especially in a branch with people I do not, in any way, get on with, it was quite a shock just how… draining it instantly was.

I don’t think I can do it anymore. The daily nine to five doesn’t work right now. I do realise, before it’s pointed out, that I sound really rather childish and immature moaning about having to go to work and such, but, fuck it. Where was it written that people had to live their lives like that?

I mentioned a crossroads. I am, on the most basic level, trying to decide whether I should be an adult, get my own place, stay in my (fairly) secure and reliably well-paying job and, you know, start life proper. Or. Deciding whether I should, early next year, take an ‘extended career break’ from work, which is tantamount to quitting, and get a travelling working visa for Australia and go hang out there for a year, touring the country and stopping to work whenever necessary. Then maybe heading back through the east and then overland through Europe back home.

Ooh, my game’s done installing. I’ll come back later.

  1. girl says:

    There are quite a few reasons why I think the Aussie thing is a bad idea, besides the fact that “You would make a bad Aussie” that are actually legit and I am concerned about. =P Remind me to send you a big long blurb about it when I’m less busy, or remind me to tell you when we next talk. =)

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