And sometimes it feels like I might be losing touch…

Posted: 1st March, 2009 in Uncategorized

So, do you ever think about what would happen if you died? And I really don’t mean that in the whole ‘heaven, hell, purgatory, nothingness, 40 virgins’ way. But, well, to put it most simply, how would people know?

Quite aside from the lack of motor functions and probably escalating bad odour, the slightly pale pallor and general oozing, how would people know? This quite obviously doesn’t refer to immediate family and friends, or work colleagues, as one’d expect them to notice. Even friends I socialise with on a semi-regular basis would be able to find out through connecting friends, family or work, possibly obituaries etc.

No, you see, the problem comes from the fact that about 50% of my friends, if not more, I only ever interact with online and are entirely internationally based. If I were to drop dead tomorrow they’d have no idea, and no viable way to find out, save for my complete lack of presence. My family have no way to access my PC, any of my email accounts of websites as no one knows my passwords to anything. This thought bothers me. There are a few select friends that, as morbid and hurtful as it’d be, I’d like to have informed if I were to die. That is much better than them thinking I’d just disappeared off the face of the planet all of a sudden.

I have since googled it and found out that there are websites that provide a simple service whereby they email people upon your death to inform them etc. Shame. I thought I’d stumbled onto a niche market there.

  1. girl says:

    What if we don’t know that you’ve died? =\ Can you just get someone to send me an email telling you that you don’t want to speak to me anymore or something?

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