Sweet frustration…

Posted: 27th December, 2008 in Uncategorized
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So, how was everyone’s Christmas? Good? Good. Mine was wonderful thanks. Made a nice change to have more than one day off of work at a time. I also discovered the beauties of uTorrent over those two days and thus my music collection has been expanding exponentially ever since. Woot.

I randomly came across a few articles on what I think is a guy’s blog. I started reading them thinking they were slightly parodical but as I got further into them it turns out that they’re actually both frighteningly accurate as they apply to me. Now, I’d rather call myself a geek than a nerd, but it’s quite a fine line these days, so I’ll let it slide. Check them both out. And please actually do read them rather than just clicking on the link and scanning.

The Nerd Handbook
A Nerd in a Cave

So what did we think? Comments welcome, as usual.

Now, on the comment front, I need some help. As previously mentioned, I’ve recently started using uTorrent, and I’m already running out of ideas for music I can download. Anyone have any suggestions of bands or artists I can sample? If you’re reading this there’s a fair chance you already know what kind of music I like, so I’ll leave the recommendations in your hands.

Nothing else to write about now. See you soon.


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