You’re so contagious, running through my veins…

Posted: 12th December, 2008 in Uncategorized

Ahh, the irony. I was sat watching Question Time (for the unaware, it’s a political program where journalists, politicians and general ‘experts’ get asked questions by the public on currently pertinent issues) and they were conversing, naturally, on the economic climate and the credit crunch. One of the panel was talking about how every household in the UK has had to tighten its purse strings (which is silly, no one uses purses with strings these days), and she was saying that the government should do the same. She said this sitting upon an Aeron desk chair, I noticed, as were the rest of the panel. I almost wanted to write in about the irony of sitting on a chair worth a thousand pounds and talking about tightening up on budgets. I’m sure a chair from Ikea for £50 would have done for the half an hour they were perched.

I don’t have much else to say. Do we like the Christmassy theme? Jolly good(!)

Ho. Ho. Ho.


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