Let the good times last forever…

Posted: 28th October, 2008 in Uncategorized
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So there’s something I wonder on various occasions, and have never really come to any kind of conclusion on. And I’ve had conversations with multiple people upon the topic and usually get varying answers or opinions. This is also, partially, an excuse to use the WordPress poll thingy, and to encourage a bit of interaction from you readers.

So I wonder, does it matter how many people a guy/girl has slept with? Or perhaps, does the number of people a prospective partner may have slept with bother you?

The question is as simple as that, though you are free to interpret it in any way you wish or expand it to other domains. You’re welcome to simply answer by clicking the poll, though I would more appreciate comments and thoughts upon the topic. If you click the third option, other comments are required. That said, I’d request they were kept relatively vague and non-personal, for the sake of manners. Have fun.

  1. Ondée says:

    Actually, let’s count this as a maybe. So far, I have not minded the number of partners that a fling/flame has had but I couldn’t say for the future. I probably think that things are smoother if the numbers are roughly similar. I’ve been more concerned by the number of partners my friends have had (“Hey, I’m missing out, I want to play!”)…

  2. stowaka says:

    I clicked the third option, however, I feel that it is inadequate.
    Whether or not the number matters to me is very dependant on what said partner actually means to me – if it’s just a sexual partner, then I’d almost say the more the merrier, since I just want a good experience and that often requires… experience.
    However, if it’s someone that I’m romantically involved with, I tend to not be interested in the quantity, but rather the quality, per se – seeing as I’m highly insecure of myself, I always tend to compare myself to my romantic partner’s previous partners, constantly second guessing my ‘value’ as opposed to theirs. So the third option was the most appropriate one, but still not any sort of exact description.

  3. Bill Door says:

    And as of 9:48 this evening it’s a dead draw, with one in each of the three boxes. Fantastically useful and enlightening.

  4. Carrie says:

    Like Ondee says, it’s good to have a similar number to your partner, then you know you’re of a similar mindset, similar experience…

    Personally I’m trying to work out if it would bother me more if somebody had a) had lots of one-night stands, or if b) they’d had lots of serious relationships. Either way, there’s definitely a negative connotation about sleeping with a lot of people… There’s probably a formula for working out an acceptable number, given a person’s age…

  5. girl says:

    My answer had to do with what I valued sex as. Carrie mentioned distinguishing between somebody having a lot of one-night stands, and a lot of serious relationships. In reality, both would bother me very much, to different degrees depending on my mood that day. I want someone more experienced, yes, but I want someone who’ll discover new things with me as well. I’m not saying that having sex with lots of people means that the person has a watered down, mediocred (yes, that is now a word) view of what sex is, but that is what it would feel like, and it would bother me that it’s not something that’s as special to them as it is to me.

    I just wrote an entire paragraph of “I don’t really know what I’m trying to say.” Bah.

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