Feel so hazy…

Posted: 14th October, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I got the frames, but one didn’t have glass in it, so now I need to buy a custom size piece of glass. Are there even shops for that..?

Christ, my blog stat chart thing looks an awful lot like the economy at the moment. That just can’t be good. On that note, the share price has gone down and my shares have, so far, lost money. Money to the tune of £113. Meh, never mind, eh. Still a chance they’ll go back up before I need to sell them.

So I came home today and wandered into the front room for, literally, three minutes while the news was on. The two headlines I hear while I’m in there are as follows, as close to perfect as I can remember them:

Disabled man found dead inside a suitcase in a field. A disabled man who went missing earlier this year two days before his mother was found hung in her home was found dead inside a suitcase covered over in a field today.”

Owner of fast food restaurant fined £4000 today after he was found to be preparing food in the same room as a human corpse. Investigators also found a dead rat and open drains, as well as moldy food in the same room as the corpse.”

I shit you not. Where do I live? It sounds like something out of some grim alternate reality story… or South Central LA.

I doodle a lot while I’m at work. Whether it’s ’cause I’m sitting in a meeting with a pen in my hand and not hugely interested in what’s being discussed, or because I’m on the phone waiting for someone to pick up, or simply because a customer’s boring me, I’m usually scribbling, sketching, doodling, and other generic pen-on-paper terms. Apparently one can learn a lot about a person from the type of doodles they do, so I’ve decided to start posting mine here, if only to give the blog slightly more substance than walls of text. Anyone’s free to try and analyze them all they like. I’d be mildly curious about the results.

Right, need to go and protect an artifact.

  1. girl says:

    You want to live in the middle of nowhere in Canada, where you’re surrounded by evergreens. You will be living in a badly built shack, with a steep stair leading up to the part of your shack that is really a treehouse. It will be built by a really happy Asian.

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