Do you believe in love like I believe in pain…

Posted: 1st October, 2008 in Uncategorized
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The bagels were mouldy. It transpires that they’d been in the drawer much longer than previously anticipated. I had a toasted muffin with jam instead, though frankly I am of the opinion that the jam ruined it a bit.

Apparently I only seem to enjoy all the different weather types associated with winter when it’s actually dark out, or at the very least when the night is drawing in. It was raining and miserable out while I was on lunch today and I was most certainly not filled with joy. Perhaps that’s something to do with me being a night person, eh?

I’m pretty sure my next section is going to entirely split my audience (who’m I kidding?) in half. People who collect for charities in the streets really piss me off. This covers right from people with tins who ask for donations to those bastards with clipboards who ask you to hear the plight of some poor dying [insert suitably heart-rending charity-case here] and then sign up to donate money each month to feed/clothe/protect from abuse/buy tickets for theme parks and shows. I realise my last couple of statements may make me sound slightly heartless and misanthropic. Hi, nice to meet you. Allow me the merry pleasure of explaining my corner before the hate-mail starts.

It is, at its most basic, moral blackmail. I would even go so far as to suggest it is ethically irresponsible on some level. Reason being, if you’re out walking through town to pick up lunch, and you’re collared by a person with a level of cheeriness that can only be medically enhanced, who then asks you to spare five minutes of your time to hear their tale, you are morally and ethically obliged to do so. After all, you’re walking through a busy city, no doubt wearing clothes that are plenty warm enough, a mobile phone in your pocket, cash about your person, and a home to go to. Who in that situation could possibly refuse to spare a meager five minutes to help out one who isn’t so fortunate as yourself in life? Well, me, for one. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just I don’t care enough to give my time or money to it.

Now, I know that bit makes me sound awfully mean, and I am. But the thing is, I have, or should have the right to walk the streets without being accosted by people every damn day asking for my money. When I have to look at them and politely decline their offer of an informative chat about famine, they look all sad and crestfallen, like I just kicked a puppy and laughed. It makes one feel mildly bad. And I shouldn’t have to dodge people in the street when I’m merely going about my daily grind. I realise it’s slightly contradictory to say I don’t feel bad enough to give them time or money, but I do feel bad when I have to tell them ‘no thanks’, but hey.

I don’t, in any way, object to the general gist of what they’re trying to achieve by being out in the streets, I do however object to the methods they employ to do so. I would be quite happy if they just picked a busy corner, stood there with their clipboard (ooh, correct homophone usage makes people happy) and brightly coloured clothing with their particular charity on it, and stood and waited for people to approach them. Much less in your face, plus they don’t run the risk of annoying people who aren’t remotely interested in what they have to say.

Ok, that’s my rant about charities over for now.

My current blog stats look like this:

Now, the first big spike is the first day it was launched, and I’m pretty sure I was showing off etc so that’ll be why it got quite a few hits. I can’t really identify what made the other two peaks occur. I mean, I know which posts they relate to, but I’ve no idea what made those posts more apparent to the viewing public. And as you can see, it’s started to take a nice little decline over the last few days, which is a pity. Anyway, I just thought I’d show how things are going so far, as if it’ll remotely interest any of you.

And because we’re on graphs, and I’m geeky, this made me chuckle.

And I think on that note, I shall draw to a close for this evening, as I’m getting a little tired. As a final thought, I will say that Warhammer Online is still proving to be an excellent investment, so far showing itself to be a class above Warcraft.

I must look up the state of moose in the Canadian wilds.

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