Wearing a bomb in a field of flowers…

Posted: 24th September, 2008 in Uncategorized

I suspect I may be wearing wet trousers.

Inspired by part of a Dara O’Briain show (skip to 8:30), where he talks about ID cards not actually giving any kind of information about what really makes each person unique, I have decided to make a list of all the little intricacies that make up a me. I recommend you watch the clip, ’cause he’ll explain it better than I have, but I think you’ll get the gist. Follow along with me, it’ll all become clear. I encourage you all to join in and do the same too – make your own lists. Feel free to leave them here as comments. C’mon, it’ll be fun.

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that I was not entirely clear. I meant make your own lists of what makes you unique, not add to mine about me. Sorry.

Much like Mr O’Briain, I am a night person. I don’t like daylight, I feel much more comfortable at night. Even during the day I prefer having curtains closed with lights switched on. I know, I know, teh p00r environment. I find it easier to talk to people at night, and certainly it is easier to be honest when it’s dark.

Music is such a big and important part of my life were I deprived of it I’m entirely certain I would slip into depression. Whenever I’m doing anything that isn’t watching TV of some description it’s a fair bet that there will be music playing. I hum when I don’t actually have any to listen to. I wear a walkman everywhere I go (unless the battery has run out…).

I have no favourite colour.

I absolutely detest fish and seafood of any kind and the thought of eating some makes me physically ill.

I have a fantastic memory for names and faces. Unfortunately not always at the same time.

Pathetically, I think that’s it for now. I may add to this at a later date when more things spring to mind. I may perhaps turn this into another static item. But, like I said, please all of you feel free to join in here.

  1. jasmine says:

    I am a day person. I am terrified of the dark, of the unknown, of things I can’t see and can’t find out about. I like broad daylight and being able to tell what’s lurking in sneaky corners. I like having translucent curtains (=P) that let some light in, but keep out the blinding light and curious eyes. I love having my room bathed in sunlight.

    I have a broad taste in music. That broadness of taste only extends to music, as I’m super finicky about… everything else. I listen to music that sounds good, regardless of who’s singing, the genre, etc, etc.

    I like fish. And mutton. It’s delicious.

    I do, as well, have a great memory for faces and names. I can recognise people I haven’t seen for more than a decade, unless they cut off half their face or did something drastic.

    I like to sing. I think I sing well, and I am constantly humming or making up songs and lyrics in my head. I really regret trading in singing for obscurity.

    I am extremely judgemental. I determine the attitude and personality of a person after about half an hour of watching them interact with others, or after 3 brief encounters. Unfortunately, I haven’t been stopped, because I’m usually correct in my judgements, as told by people who disagreed with me when I first made my judgements.

    I am over-analytical about everything and anything. I am not an indecisive person, but I do take my time to make decisions. I weigh all my benefits and losses. I try to look at the good and bad of something before I decide. That said, however, I still operate on extremes. Many things are black and white to me, with no grey area in between.

    I really like lists. But I hate describing myself. This was a favour, Judizzle. ❤

  2. stowaka says:

    I am a dusk person. I like daylight, especially when it shimmers in water, like a pond or the ocean. I like night-time, especially in the colder seasons, when the air is crisp and you can draw pictures in your breath. But I do feel most serene when it’s dusk. That’s when it’s most quiet.

    I’m a carnivore to the point where I like my steak rare and red, and I like my fish raw. I like to know that I’m on the top of the food chain by rights of birth. On the other hand, I love having a vegan friend of mine over for dinner – I love planning, shopping and cooking for her, and myself, and simply put aside meats for an evening.

    I drink soy milk whenever I can (afford it). I’m basically lactose intolerant. Not allergic, just intolerant. I can eat cheese and butter and drink milk, but when I get too much, I start having mild allergic reactions – though there are quite rarely ever signs as to whether I’m about to cross the line. So I’ve switched to soy milk in my coffee, my tea and with my cereal, because I refuse to switch out milk and dairy in my food.

    I’m extremely impatient. Especially when it comes to music. My iPod (yes, yes, I know) has 757 songs on it. I know the intro to them all intimately. I do love music and don’t know what I was to do without – but I get moody and will sometimes not feel like a lot of what I’ve happened to have put on there. I have listened to every single song on there to the end, several times – but most of my iPod listening time does actually go by with listening to 20-60 seconds of a song and then skipping on to the next. At the same time, I can get extremely passionate about a song or artist and listen to it/them over and over.

    I do sometimes suspect myself of being a sociopath. It seems that my entire demeanour changes to a quite extreme degree, so much so that a certain part of my social circle could describe me to another part, and they wouldn’t know that it was me.

    About the only thing that I truly trust myself in is cooking. I’m a fairly good cook, and it’s one of the things that calms me down the most and makes me the most happy to do.

    I never feel more at home than when I’m in water. Be it the ocean, a pond or a swimming pool, I love swimming underwater or just floating around. This caused me to get severe sunburns in the US more than a year ago, when I basically spent two weeks in a swimming pool on the top of a small mountain in Arizona. You can still see that my skin is darkened on my chest.

    The most spiritual experience I have ever had was in the park of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China. The most personally, morally embarrassing experience I have had was throwing up on the side of the Great wall due to a severe hangover, caused by a drunken night on Bar Street, again in Beijing, from which I do not remember the last half. My memory ends right around the time where I nicked a fag from a classmate and halfway through a sentence, and then comes pounding back at the point where I’m in the bathroom of my hotel room, crouched over the loo and vomiting while a classmate of mine is rubbing the lower parts of my back, telling me to think about disgusting things to make me throw up faster.

    I love to travel, and often feel most at home when far away from home.

    My three favourite cites of the world are Kraków in Poland, London and Beijing.

    I’m an honorary mayor and depute of Tombstone, Arizona. I’ve been to Boot Hill Cemetery and was nearly bitten by a diamondback snake. My biggest regret of my trip there was not entering the Bird Cage. I dream of a road trip with a select few friends, where more than a day is spent in Tombstone, since it brings back childhood memories of watching spaghetti westerns with my dad and reading Wyatt Earp as my first book in English.

    I used to be called Autist Dwarf by school mates in business school because I could remember the cosine formula on a Monday morning with a hangover. Funnily enough, it’s the only formula I remember – and all the ones I’ve learned in my studies of Political Science since, I still have to look up in text-books.

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