If you keep adding stones soon the water will be lost in the well…

Posted: 19th September, 2008 in Uncategorized

Right, look, readers. Certain things will and will not be accepted. Correcting my god damn spelling mistakes, however few and far between they may be, is one of the things that is in no way acceptable. Quit it. If Firefox’s in-built spell checker doesn’t catch them, nor the WordPress spell checker, then by all accounts, they have a right to be there. Also, it pisses me off when you correct me, so don’t do it or I’ll beat you with a fish.

I think I need to get dressed, it’s damn cold here this morning. I can’t really justify putting the heating on when I’m the only one in the house… and I’m not dressed. I also need to eat, and go to the gym. Anyone suggest a decent order to do those things in?

‘Tis the last day of my week off work. Just the weekend now, then I’m back to it for an indeterminate amount of time. This makes me happy. I have been entirely bored this week. It’s a strange concept to me – enjoying work so much so that you want to be there rather than at home for a week. I’m not sure if it’s that I actually enjoy what I’m doing for once, or the fact that I’m working in a place with like 30+ people of both sexes, ages ranging from 18 to 60 and everywhere in between, and people I actually get on with. Plus, my job has the added benefit that, almost all the time, if someone’s annoying me one day for some reason, I can entirely avoid having to deal with them in any way. It makes a nice change from working in a shop with the same four people every day.

So to sum up, I’m going to get dressed, go to the gym, then eat.

  1. stowaka says:

    But is it alright to call you out when you out-right lie?
    You wouldn’t beat me up with a fish. Or anyone. You wouldn’t touch a fish at all as much as shy away from it while whimpering. You even fucking asked me to go wash my hands and brush my teeth because I’d had a tiny piece of fish for dinner. -.-

  2. Bill Door says:

    Fish smells BAD. The end. Alright, I’d beat you with a fish while wearing gloves and holding the fish on the end of a long pole.

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