You look like if I touched you, you’d be sticky…

Posted: 18th September, 2008 in Uncategorized

Firstly, Ms Tsang, Bill Door is the name of a character in a book. But you’d know that if you read the things I recommended to you. Anyway.

I’m still trying to work out what the difference between a hard return and a soft return is on WordPress, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out at some point. I do like the way they’ve changed the interface since last I was here. Still not as intuitive as I’d like, but perhaps their new update coming soon may help. Now, moving on to things less mundane…

It has been a good couple of days on the internet. It’s rare, these days, that I stumble across interesting or novel websites. This is probably ’cause I’ve been hanging around for years on computers and have managed to wander upon most things attention-grabbing one way or another. But recently I’ve found a few entertaining blogs (see Blogroll), as well as a couple of websites I shall certainly be visiting again a multiplicity of times. It’s nice to not actually be bored behind a keyboard after five minutes for once.

Ok, I lied, that really wasn’t much less mundane. But, I can’t think of anything hugely thrilling to say just at the moment. Perhaps I shall go and mess around with the Explanation page and other such static items.

  1. jasmine says:

    This is mainly because I have nothing to do, but I *told* you that I would read your stupid Terry Pratchett when l get it from the library. I’m too poor to buy books now. =P But anyway, I am liking your blogroll blogs. >_> Top notch.

  2. stowaka says:

    Bill Door is the generic name that Death choses for himself in the book Reaper Man (I think, possibly Morte, but I’m pretty sure that it’s Reaper Man) when he decides to hang up his cape of darkness and scythe and instead become the farmnhand of a li’l ol’ lady, leaving all of the Disk in turmoil.

    Also, I’m so going to stalk you on this blog as well.
    Thought you’d get rid of me? Nuh-uh.

  3. Bill Door says:

    It’s Reaper Man, yeah. He’s just Death in Mort. Also, it’s the Disc, not the Disk. Silly foreign spelling of fictitious worlds.

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