Come sit by the fire and play a while…

Posted: 18th September, 2008 in Uncategorized

Greetings and salutations, pleasant folk.

First things first – welcome to my new blog. This is a continuation/replacement of my old MySpace blog, which I shall no longer be posting to. Nothing particularly against it, I am just liking MySpace less and less recently, so another excuse not to log in is always appreciated. But, since this blog is a continuation thereof, certain conventions will still remain.

Blog titles will still have absolutely nothing to do with the content of the post whatsoever, and will most always be either song lyrics or movie quotes, with the odd smatterings of lines from books in there too. I’ll still end things with ellipses too often. I will also be maintaining my ‘things that make me sad’, ‘things that I hate’, ‘things that make me happy’ and ‘things that I like’ lists, though I’ll now be storing them as an easy-to-locate page findable by looking just over there to your right at the side of the blog main. I think I’ll probably keep my ‘plans’ list up-to-date when I think of new things to add to it, too, again, as a handy stand-alone page.

Apparently I’ll keep using a lot of hyphens, too.

Some things may change. I shall be making a slight effort to post more often here, though that’s not to say I’ll have anything more interesting to say. The utmost effort will be made to educate you all (six, last count) in anything and everything I find interesting or noteworthy, or even mildly distracting. It will be required reading.

Comments and questions are welcomed and encouraged.

  1. jasmine says:

    I’m writing just ’cause I can be the first commentator, and also so I can tell you that “Bill Door” is a silly name. =D

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